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At Hudson Sprouts, our mission is simply to provide an enriching education while nurturing the child as a whole. We inspire our students to be the best forms of themselves, motivating them to be independent, compassionate, and inquisitive learners

Infant Care: 0 - 2.5 Years

Developmental progress is key in early childhood. At Hudson Sprouts Academy, our experienced and well-trained teachers apply High Scope curriculum to ensure social, cognitive, and physical development through age appropriate activities.

Toddler Care: 2.5 - 3 Years

At Hudson Sprouts Academy, we base our curriculum off of your toddler’s natural learning process and curiosity to help guide them at their own individual pace. Our teachers form relationships with each child to promote a safe, nurturing, and loving bond with all children.

Before/Aftercare: 3 - 13 Years

Our Before and Aftercare programs offer school aged children the opportunity to express themselves and their passions in a warm welcoming environment. We help them discover what interests them through a large variety of crafts, music, movement, literature, social groups, and physical activities. We support children becoming the kindest, most capable, and strongest version they can be. Through encouragement, materials , and personal space we help them follow their passions. Included with the program are: healthy snacks and drink options, outdoor and indoor activities, organized games, arts and crafts, science, and much much more!

Summer Camp: 3 - 13 Years

Monday-Friday , 8am-5pm, July & August

Our summer camp program helps transform your child’s ordinary summer into one full of exciting expeditions!

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Breakdown of the Curriculum and the Care that is expected

The curriculum utilized in Hudson Sprouts Academy is High Scope Education. We develop lessons to meet the needs of all children, as well as help them reach their developmental and educational goals. Parent’s will be able to track their child’s progress through the daily reports and art projects being sent home at the end of the day.

Young girl playing with educational toys
little girl playing with building blocks

Virtual Tours

Hudson Sprouts Academy will provide you with a walkthrough virtual tour. One inconvenience we are faced with still from the pandemic is the ability to conduct in-person tours. However, through our virtual tours, parents can see the layout of the center, and witness what the daily schedule is like while at the center. Virtual tours can be conducted via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with a front-facing camera and microphone. Please contact Hudson Sprouts Academy to schedule your tour today!

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service pick-ups and drop-offs from the Beacon and downtown Jersey City areas to Hudson Sprouts Academy!